Sammy Sosa Steroids

Being a die-hard baseball fan, the involvement of baseball players or say, any other player from the competitive sport in anabolic steroids does not surprise me at all.

I mean, this is something we commonly get to hear, which not only discourages us from following this ‘dirty sport’, but also discourages those players who choose to play fair.

But let’s not shift the entire blame on players who have been proven guilty of using steroids, history is evidence, many of the players have been forcefully injected or commanded to dope against their consent and will.

Now there are a number of names that can be discussed with regard to the use of performance enhancing drugs, but a very prominent name that has been surrounded with steroidal scandals, almost throughout his career is Sammy Sosa!


Sammy Sosa- Samuel Kelvin Peralta Sosa is one the renowned name in the history of baseball that has some great achievements and accomplishments under his belt.

While Sosa’s tactics and competitive spirit made him what he is today, his professional career was never this smooth and perfect. He was among the baseball players who were dragged into controversies because of his alleged involvement in performance enhancing drugs every now and then.

No wonder, this darker side of his career has always served as an eclipse over the positive side of his career that encompasses around some high spots like that outstanding home run chase opposite Mark McGwire in 1998.


As stated earlier, things have never been easy for Sosa, similar to all the other high profile players of his category.

According to ‘The New York Times’, the now 49 years old, former right fielder failed to pass random drug tests in 2003, along with hundred other players tested to find out how far the use of performance enhancing drugs is common in big leagues. It was further revealed that the news was achieved through some anonymous attorneys that were well-versed with the doping results of Major League Baseball.

In a congressional hearing held two years later, his attorney represented Sosa’s stance over the entire ordeal, claiming that the player has never used substances forbidden by the law. He further claimed that neither he nor anyone had ever injected anything that can exploit the rules of US or Dominican Republic. All his tests, including the one that was done recently, prove him innocent.

Later, the Commissioner of Major League Baseball labeled the 2003 random drug tests, ‘indecisive’.  As per him, it is entirely normal to fail a drug test, even when the person is not dopes for it’s a complex task to differentiate between permitted agents and the ones that are prohibited.  Thereby, it’s entirely unreasonable to evaluate the ones being named through results that are completely unauthentic.

Well, whether or not Sammy had any involvement in performance enhancing drugs is unclear, but these allegations did cost him the slot in Baseball hall of fame.


There are two types of substances that have entirely different nature and characteristics like:

  • Substances that upgrade performance levels.
  • And substances that majorly helps in relieving medical conditions.

Essentially, the ones that are prohibited fall into both the categories. Using a drug to enhance the performance and get an edge in competition is truly unethical and non-permissible. However, if the player feels the need to use a drug, owing to some xyz medical problem, the condition can then be considered by the panel and the player may get ‘medical drug exemption’.

Getting a medical drug exemption in sports is no surprise as there are several players that have actually availed the leniency including Williams’ sisters, thus, the condition cannot be tagged as the ‘breach of law’!


Sosa seemed to be in a fix when he was questioned about his drug scandals by Jeremy Schaap- in the interview “n interview with Jeremy Schaap on E:60.”

No wonder, Sosa failed to give a reasonable response when asked if he had used illegal substances at any point in his Baseball career, to which he responded that he had never been tested positive. Interestingly, the question was repeated by the TV reporter and this time too, Sosa chose to ‘play neutral’.

He later said that he did what he has to do, claim the interviewer, who believes that the statement by the former baseball player depicts different sides of the story.


Regardless of his involvement in steroids- which has simply become a past now, we wished to see this very deserving man in the Hall of Fame, particularly when some players that were proven guilty on steroids managed to make their way to it!